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JP Lazy Guide is for:

  • People who don't want to bother customizing their settings or knowing stuff technically
  • For people who want an all-in-one import and everything and done compared to other fully detailed guides but scattered tools
  • You want stable tools that lasts forever (If you don't update nothing will break)

New to Japanese and want to immerse quickly? See Concise Guide to Jumpstart Japanese

If you want to buy me a coffee(Thanks!): Ko-fi (Xelieu)

Have any questions? Contact me at Discord: xelieu

Anki and Yomitan Format

  • 4 in 1 Profile Support: Monolingual, Bilingual, LN & Manga in Android, VN in Android

PC | Dark

PC | Light

Mobile | Dark

Mobile | Light

Yomitan | Dark

Yomitan | Light

Yomitan Profile

Anki Features

Anki Features (click here)

Here are the demos for GUI, Card Creation and Field:

  • This is already configured and you don't have to do anything


Mining Demo

  • This is outdated Anki/Yomitan Format but the method is pretty much the same

Proceed on Setup Guide