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JP Lazy Guide is for:

  • People who don't want to bother customizing their settings or knowing stuff technically
  • For people who want an all-in-one source compared to other fully detailed guides but scattered tools
  • You want an import everything and done

New to Japanese and want to immerse quickly? See Concise Guide to Jumpstart Japanese

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Anki and Yomichan Format

  • 4 in 1 Profile Support: Monolingual, Bilingual, LN & Manga in Android, VN in Android

Anki | Dark

Anki | Light

Yomichan | Dark

Yomichan | Light

Yomichan Profile

Anki Features

Anki Features (click here)

Here are the demos for GUI, Card Creation and Field:

  • This is already configured and you don't have to do anything


Mining Demo

  • This is outdated Anki/Yomichan Format but the method is pretty much the same

Proceed on Setup Guide

Last update: September 1, 2023